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General terms and conditions


The websites have been prepared and tested as carefully as possible. Nevertheless, no liability may be assumed that the functions on the websites are free from errors, that errors are resolved or that the websites or the respective server are free from viruses or other harmful programmes, functions, etc. Access to and use of the content of the websites is at the sole responsibility of the user.

Links to other websites are characteristic elements of the WWW. The content of linked pages is expressly not part of the websites. No liability or guarantee shall be accepted or granted for any content on linked pages. The Bundestheater Holding distances itself expressly from any illegal content on linked pages, and is responsible neither for the content nor the functions of such websites. Links to such websites are followed at the user’s own risk.

Third-party contributions
Content (comments, opinions, guestbook entries, etc.) that is transmitted to the websites via the Internet becomes the sole ownership of the Bundestheater Holding for its unrestricted use with no compensation. Content that is transmitted to the websites via interactive functions (such as “guestbook” or “comment”) is stored and may be published in corresponding forums. The Bundestheater Holding expressly forbids the transmission of illegal, ethically or morally questionable or harassing content via an interactive function to a website. The Bundestheater Holding expressly precludes any responsibility whatsoever for all such transmitted content.
The editorial staff shall retain the right to delete entries in these interactive areas at any time without providing reasons.

The general terms and conditions of sale in their current version apply to all deliveries or services provided by the Bundestheater Holding.
Content that is offered on the websites may only be used for normal browsing purposes and not for commercial ends. Any unauthorised changes or use of content for any other purposes constitute a breach of copyright and are not permitted. The reproduction or publication of content, in particular the use of text, parts of text or image material requires the prior approval of the Bundestheater Holding.

Scope of validity
The general terms and conditions of ThSG (hereinafter referred to as the general terms and conditions of ThSG) define the legal relationships between the interested parties, on the one hand, and ThSG on the other. By being in possession of a ticket, the visitor is subject to the house rules of the respective stage company.
If the ticket is passed to someone else, it shall be the responsibility of the previous buyer to indicate to the subsequent buyer that the general terms and conditions of ThSG apply. The general terms and conditions are part of any contract between the interested parties, on the one hand, and ThSG on the other.

Ticket prices
The prices for seats and standing places at the stage companies can be found in the respectively applicable price lists. The prices stated on the price lists include the respective statutory value-added tax. ThSG shall retain the right (particularly in case of benefits, large groups and similar), in isolated cases and on behalf of the stage companies, to set prices that differ from the price lists; these are displayed respectively on the tickets.

The ticket prices for fixed, flexible and other subscriptions are based on the respectively applicable subscription conditions.
Reduced-price tickets may only be purchased by interested parties if they belong to one of the groups granted the concession. Such groups include pupils, students, apprentices, persons on national service and unemployed persons. There is no legal claim to reduced-price tickets, specific tickets or ticket categories. Only one ticket per interested party is issued. The reduced-price ticket is only valid in combination with photo ID proving the claim to the reduced price. The so-called international student ID card is not valid without a current confirmation of enrolment to claim the reduced price for students. In the event of improper use of a ticket, the difference in the amount may be charged or the visitor removed from the performance. The price of the ticket shall not be reimbursed here, even in part.

Purchase of tickets by interested parties
ThSG endeavours at all times to provide interested parties with the best possible service when purchasing tickets. There is, however, no legal claim by an interested or ordering party to the purchase or reservation of one or more tickets for performances or other events held by the stage companies.
Tickets for performances at the stage companies may be obtained from the box offices of the Bundestheater Group during the respective opening times. Interested parties also agree to the house rules of the building in which the respective box office is located.
ThSG shall retain the right to refuse to sell tickets for a defined period of time, or even permanently in serious cases, to interested parties who disrupt the orderly sale of tickets or disturb other interested parties or visitors, or contravene the respective house rules or instructions of the box office personnel.
Holders of disabled and victims passes, as well as holders of an official confirmation under the Victims Welfare Act and – as part of the respectively available quota – holders of decisions pursuant to Sec. 14 or passes pursuant to Sec. 14 a of the Disability Employment Act shall be served preferentially when the box office opens in a ratio of 1 to 1 to other interested parties. Tickets purchased in this way are only valid for visitors in possession of the special passes described above. In case of use by unauthorised individuals, these visitors may be rejected by the respective stage company or removed from the performance. The price of the ticket shall not be reimbursed here, even in part.
The advance sale of tickets is determined by the stage companies and can be seen in the respective monthly programme. On the first day of advance sale, only two tickets shall be issued per interested party although, in case of performances that are in less demand, it shall be at the discretion of the box office personnel whether to deviate from this rule in individual cases.
Tickets must be paid for in cash, by debit card or credit card (American Express, Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and JCB Card). It is also possible to purchase tickets by telephone when paying by credit card. ThSG shall retain the right to determine, in consultation with the stage companies, a minimum amount under which payment by credit card shall not be accepted. Tickets are sold online via the following websites

Returning or compensation for tickets
It is not possible to return or exchange tickets that have been paid for. No compensation can be paid for any tickets not or only partially used (e.g. by arriving late) or for any tickets that are lost for whatever reason.

Performance cancellation or changes
If a different performance is held to the title of the one printed on the ticket, any tickets that have already been purchased (excluding reduced-price tickets) will be taken back by ThSG at the booking offices or, on the day of the performance, directly at the box office of the respective stage company/performance venue once the change has been announced. In addition to this, it shall only be possible to return the tickets until the end of the third day after the day of the performance to the box offices of the Bundestheater Group; only tickets for which the tear bar is still intact will be accepted.
Changes to the performers shall not be a reason to return tickets. Cast announcements do not constitute a basis on which the tickets are purchased. Consequently, the stage companies reserve the right to make changes to the cast.
Last-minute changes to the time when the performance begins shall not entitle the purchaser to return the acquired ticket. It is the responsibility of the visitor to find out about any potential changes on the day of the performance, e.g. through daily newspapers or by calling the respective stage company.
In the event that the performance is broken off, a replacement performance shall be offered or, if this is not possible for programme or other reasons, the ticket price shall only be refunded if less than half of the performance had been played at the time of the stop.

General provisions
The peddling and selling of tickets to performances of the stage companies by private individuals in the buildings of the Bundestheater Group is not permitted.
Through the purchase of a ticket, the visitor agrees to accept the relevant house rules. A valid ticket must be produced whenever requested by staff members.
Each valid ticket entitles one person to watch the performance stated upon it in accordance with the respective house rules. It is not permitted to sit anywhere other than at the seat indicated on the ticket. In case of a breach of the house rules of the respective stage company, the visitor may be denied admittance to the performance by the respective stage company. In such cases, the purchase price shall not be refunded.