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Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art for Christian Kircher


Theresia Niedermüller, Head of the Section for Art and Culture, presented the "Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art 1st Class" to Christian Kircher, Managing Director of Bundestheater-Holding, in the Eroica Hall of the Theatermuseum yesterday evening.

In her speech, Theresia Niedermüller thanked him on behalf of the Republic of Austria with the following words: "Christian Kircher is a guarantor of committed and prudent action that not only represents the economic interests of the institutions he manages, but also those of the artists working in the theaters. He is a prudent cultural manager with an extraordinary instinct for the necessities of the times."

 Renata Schmidtkunz, the laudator, was delighted to be able to sing the enthusiastic singer's praises herself: "In Christian Kircher, we are honoring a man who has at least two great talents. Firstly, he is an incorruptible, goal-oriented, creative pragmatist who always has an overview, does not complain about problems but wants to solve them and, as a manager, knows very well how his business works. And secondly, he is a passionate lover of art and culture. Perhaps that is his greatest passion of all. This perception of beauty, this looking and listening and feeling and enthusiasm.

 Christopher Hinterhuber, piano, and Ziyu He, violin, provided the musical accompaniment for the festive occasion.