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Wiener Staatsoper

Choreography Martin Schläpfer, Marius Petipa

There are countless variations on the fairy tale of Princess Aurora who is cursed by Carabosse and protected by the Lilac Fairy and falls into a hundred-year sleep until Prince Désiré finally manages to find his way into her castle overgrown with roses. The story of a woman who remains dormant until she is reawakened by the kiss of a brave hero is a trope of numerous sagas and myths. Sleeping Beauty is one of the gentlest and most beautiful of these, while other versions are more violent and cruel. Its openness to interpretation persists to this day: in telling a story about the battle of light against darkness, time against evil and bitterness, and also a story where fairies and other crea- tures are a natural part of people’s everyday life.

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