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In response to the current accusations against the Ballet Academy at the Wiener Staatsoper


Zero tolerance for the abuse of authority.

 “On behalf of Austrian Federal Theatres I would like to express my heartfelt regret and present my sincere apologies to all children and young people concerned, as well as their families, who have been physically and emotionally hurt by the dubious methods applied by individual teachers at the Ballet Academy of the Vienna State Opera.

I will do anything in my power to clear up any abuse of a position of authority in an uncompromising manner, in particular between pupils and teachers, and take all measures needed to prevent such occurrences from happening again."

Christian Kircher, Managing Director, Bundestheater-Holding


If you need help and support, contact one of the following contact points:

0800 112 112 WHITE RING

Comprehensive, anonymous, free and confidential advice, immediate psychological support and first guidance as well as speedy, non-bureaucratic help in emergencies, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

+43 1 532 15 15 DIE MÖWE- Vienna Child Protection Centre

Hands-on support and professional help, free of charge for children, adolescents and their near relatives in cases of physical, mental and sexual violence. 

+43 1 79 580-8080 Eva Klug, occupational counsellor, Health Consult

The ombudspersons, when contacted, will treat your case confidentially and anonymously. They have an obligation of secrecy and will act only on request and to the extent required.