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The tempest


Wiener Staatsoper

Canadian director Robert Lepage has been working successfully for many years with Ex Machina, an innovative multidisciplinary company. In this production developed jointly by Lepage and Ex Machina, Prospero recreates La Scala in Milan on his island, where he intends to take revenge on his enemies as a theatrical magician.

The former Milanese Prospero lives with his daughter Miranda on an unknown island and seeks revenge: his brother Antonio had once overthrown him and driven him out to sea in a boat with the help of the King of Naples. One day, a storm capsizes a passing ship containing all of Prospero's enemies. Ariel, Prospero's air spirit, brings the shipwrecked men to the island. Ferdinand, the son of the King of Naples, and Miranda fall in love. This love makes Prospero's desire for revenge fade and he forgives his adversaries.

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